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What is Squash?

Squash is a sport discipline for two people and consists in alternately bouncing the ball against the wall. The game takes place on a special court, closed on four sides by walls. To play the game you use special rackets that have built-in vibration damping elements, and four types of balls. Bouncing the ball against the wall takes place in such a way as to make it harder to rebound the opponent’s ball.

Squash rules:

The rules of the single-player game can be found at the SQUASHA POLISH FEDERATION website
Source: Polish Squash Federation, link: singles-in-squasha.html

The favours of Squash:

During 60 minutes of intensive play in Squash we burn anything from 700 to 1000 kcal! Players believe that squash is a combination of four sports: boxing (strength), marathon (endurance), sprint (speed) and chess (thinking).


The gym was designed and equipped with Matrix equipment. The composed set of machines gives the opportunity to complete the training program for all body parts.
In addition, a Cardio zone is created by modern machines: treadmills, bicycles and orbitreks. Exercises in this zone allow you to take care of a good form and condition. Using these devices safely and comfortably you can burn calories.

Skilled instructors guarantee your well-being, excellent condition and health.
Their knowledge, experience and professionalism allow for an individual approach to each participant of the classes and ensure that during the exercise you can feel safe and confident. With us, you will spend your free time in a relaxed atmosphere under the supervision of professional instructors.

Information and inquiries Reception Spa and Wellness tel. +48 94 35 36 060

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