1. The owner and publisher of the cards is Diva Sp.z.o.o. based in Kołobrzeg, and the cards are valid for services provided by Diva Sp.z.o.o. in Diva SPA in Kołobrzeg in street Tadeusza Kościuszki 16 and at Partners with whom Diva SPA has concluded a contract for the acceptance of cards. The card is not a payment card within the meaning of the Banking Act.

2. The Diva Club Member card (DCM) is a name card. It has the name and surname of the holder printed on it, the apartment number and the name of the card, as well as an abbreviation of the most important rules of using the card. The card is issued for an unlimited period.

3. The card can not be sold, withdrawn or assigned rights from the card to another person.
The card can be used only by the person for whom the card was issued.
Diva SPA staff have the right to request a document confirming the identity of the person using the card. In the event of any discrepancies, Diva SPA staff have the right to keep the card and the card owner has the right to take steps specified by law.
In justified cases, the owner of the card may revoke its validity.

4. A member of the Diva Club (DC) may become the owner of the apartment who will sign a cooperation agreement with Diva Sp. z o.o.

5. The card authorizes you to use the Diva SPA in Kołobrzeg with discounts on basic prices for services listed and described for the amount on the reverse of the card.
Discounts apply only to basic prices.
– Discounts do not apply to special offers, occasional offers, promotions, discounts, bonuses, packages and any other offers in which Diva SPA used other than basic calculations for the calculation.
– In any restaurant in the Diva SPA, where alcohol is served, discounts do not apply to alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content above 20% (20 vol.)

6. The benefits of various special and occasional offers in Diva SPA and having a DCM card do not add up. Price or quantity discounts do not add up.
The holder of the DCM card has the right to choose the best offer for himself, i.e. he may decide to use the special offer or a discount on the basic price for the card.

7. The basic price – the full price, standard price, the highest in a given category, from which the discounts are calculated by Diva SPA. The basic price is defined by Diva SPA.
Prices of special offers, e.g. 7-day stays, holiday packages, etc., can not be considered as a basic price and are not subject to discounts.

8. In order to take advantage of the discounts, you should always inform that you are the holder of the DCM card and show the card:
– In reception
– When ordering meals in a restaurant or when entering a room with buffets, or when ordering in the Figiel café.
– At the entrance to The Q club and when placing orders at the bar.
– At the SPA reception
and other places where the discount is due to be made.

9. Range of discounts:
Rooms – discount applies only to the room in which the card holder lives, and in the case of families with children, the discount also applies to children’s room.
Gastronomy – the discount applies only to the card holder and accompanying persons, in total not more than 8 people. To use the discount, you must show the card before placing the order.
SPA – the discount applies only to people in the room, registered with the card holder.
In the absence of a report, it is assumed that they are two adults and up to two children.

10. Codes on the card: H – hotel, G – gastronomy, SPA – Spa, B – swimming pool.

11. Charges for the card, loss of the card:
a. The first DCM card is free.
b. In the case of loss or destruction of the card from the card holder, a fee of PLN 50 will be charged for the production of the new card. The loss of the card and the desire to receive a new one should be reported to the Diva SPA Marketing Department.

12. The DCM card holder has the right to return it to the owner. Returning the card is foreseen to giving up the discounts offered by using the card.

13. Use of the DCM card is foreseen to acceptance of these regulations by the card holder. The card holder consents to the storage of his data by Diva Sp. z.o.o. and data related to the use of the card. This data will be used by Diva SPA for information and promotional purposes. Diva Sp. z.o.o. does not exchange, sell or rent this data to companies or individuals not directly affiliated with Diva Club.

The current Diva Club Regulations can be found at:

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